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Why a unpleasant experience inspired a beautiful collection?

Why a unpleasant experience inspired a beautiful collection?

Mlavi Paris collection vegan leather bags, wallets, cardholders and travel accessories feature charming Paris inspired beautiful prints including rose, Eiffel Tower, stamps, postcards, macaron cookie and queen Marie Antoinette.

Paris is the most beautiful city I personally have visited by far. Almost every angle is a charming picture.

Paris is full of stories--at least in my imagaination when I looked out the window--I could see a black cat under the moon in the night

It was very stimulating when we were in the city. I felt there were so many stories in all kind of shades. When I looked out from the window of our little flat, I imagined a black cat sitting under the moon in the evening. I designed a series of cat with moon vegan bags, wallets and accessories now are almost all sold out.

People in Paris just love beauty and could not help but creating and celebrating beauty in their everyday lives.

I have been lucky to visit this city several times for business. (We used to exhibit at Maison & Objet show.) Beside looking for design inspirations, I was really inspired by their fierce pressure of beauty in their everyday lives. In this tiny yard, they managed to grew amazingly beautiful plants. It gave this limited space unlimited charm and ambiance. I try to imply this in my everyday life now.

I think this is what traveling is so appearing to me--keep an open mind and open eye to look, to discover, to be inspired, to learn, to improve and to grow. I hope it makes me a better person, my life a better one day by day, and our designs can add beauty to your everyday living.

Rich culture make Paris so charming

As a designer, I love diversity. Paris is amazingly diverse and multicultural. It is a heaven for creative people as well as for people who love having fun. I have told my friends over and over they should visit this beautiful city and you can manage a nice trip for amazing experience without spend a lot of money.

We spent a lot of time walking and seeing how people live their lives. There were so much to take them all in.

Coffee break is a beautiful time for your feet and soul here in Paris.

Coffee break is a beautiful time for your feet and soul here in Paris.

We met a very handsome male model during our short stop here and he was there for fashion week. He was so polite and I just could not help but asking him where he was from. We were so proud to find out he was from British Columbia, Canada. (Later I saw the red maple leaf tag on his backpack.)

Be kind, be nice, then you are truely beautiful!

But unfortunately I could not say this about quit some people here in Paris.

I had my fair share of unpleasantness with their famous attitude. For example, we went into a cute little shop that sold amazingly beautiful Macaroon cookies. I wanted to buy few to take photos. For that reason, I politely asked the girl in the shop to give me the pretty pieces and showed her where they located. She was beyond rude and told me they were all the same.

They were not! Just like us two human beings on different side of the counter--I am proud to be kind and gentle, yet she thought rudeness was acceptable quality for a civilized nation and citizen! (There was no line behind me so I was not inconveniencing anyone. I used plenty of please and thank you. She understood my English very well and talked to me in good English too.)

A French Canadian gentleman beside me made it very clear to her in French then repeated in in English it was her job to help her customer. (Afterward, I was thinking maybe there was the reason as pretty as her products were, her ugly attitude resulted she did not have many customers would need her help? )

At the end, I got my pretty Macaroon but left with bad taste in my mouth.

Beauty is both inside and out. Be kind! Play nice. Have fun!

So this Paris collection we designed was inspired not just the city but also the people we would love to encounter.

If like we believe life is a journey, aren't we want to travel with beautiful whose beauty is both inside and out? To be, a unkind person is not beautiful, no matter how perfect this person looks.

That is one of the reason we use only SGS tested toxic-free vegan materials that are Eco-friendly. This Paris collection vegan leather bags, wallets, cardholders and travel accessories feature Paris inspired beautiful prints including elements of rose, antique frame, lace, beautiful hand writing, Eiffel Tower, pretty stamps, cool postcards, Macaroon cookie and queen Marie Antoinette.

Be kind & be part of beautiful life for everyone will meet you!

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